Coding for Beginners

Coding for beginners is a unique method of learning computer programming that involves the use of pre-designed instructional blocks and can be used to construct games, animations and other executable programs. Our platform uses MIT App inventor available and accepted globally.


Coding for Beginners

In today’s increasingly digital world, coding has become a vital skill. Whether you’re interested in building websites, creating mobile apps, analyzing data, or even just understanding how the technology works, learning to code is the first step. But where do you begin, especially if you’re a complete beginner? 

The primary types of programming paradigms are indeed imperative, functional, logical, and object-oriented. Each paradigm represents a different approach to solving problems through programming, and various programming languages align with these paradigms. 

Imperative Programming is imperative programming, the focus is on describing the steps that a program should take to reach a desired state and it can be done in Languages- C, C++, Java, Python, JavaScript. Functional Programming emphasizes the use of pure functions, which produce the same output for the same input without hampering the final outcome. Logical Programming is based on formal logic. Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) is nothing but formulating structures around objects, which are instances of classes. Languages widely utilized for such complex tasks are Java, C++, Python, Ruby, C# and JavaScript.

This is precisely where Anantya helps you scratch out the right coding plan that will enhance your coding journey

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