Vedic Maths

Vedic Mathematics is an ancient system of mathematical calculations comprising of 16 sutras. It explores unique and off beat calculation strategies which are highly creative and can be applied in multiple ways. The total program consists of 10 levels. It improves the brain power, mental agility and saves time in calculations.


Vedic Maths

In the realm of mathematics, there exists an ancient wisdom that has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach numbers and calculations. This hidden gem is known as Vedic Mathematics, a system that traces its roots back to the Vedas, ancient sacred texts of India. 

Vedic Mathematics is a traditional system of calculation that encompasses a collection of proven techniques and sutras to solve mathematical problems easily and quickly. It comprises 16 Sutras which are formulae and 13 sub-Sutras which are sub-Formulae. Sutras are applied to solve any problems involving arithmetic, geometry, algebra, conics, and calculus. Vedic Mathematics saves time, increases concentration, and expands the brain and memorizing power of students and anyone who uses it.

Learn the logic and application of Vedic mathematics from experts at Anantya.

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Boosts mathematical proficiency

Increases problem-solving ability

Optimal results in the least time

Fosters higher concentration and amplifies memory

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